Quality water treatment and chemical solutions.

KALYU Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated business servicing all industries across Australia with a wide range of water treatment, chemical and consumable solutions. Our chemicals are manufactured locally in ISO-accredited facilities, with a focus on environmentally-friendly products.
Quality Water Treatment and Chemical Solutions

KALYU supplies a wide range of quality water treatment and chemical solutions. We pride ourselves on effective, alternative products that minimise environmental harm.

Mining, Industry and Water Treatment

Commodity and specialty chemicals, Flocculent & coagulant, Membrane treatment, Biocides, Boiling & Cooling towers

Hospitality, Office and Village Management Products

Hand soaps, sanitisers and hygiene. Kitchen cleaners, degreasers and disinfectants. Laundry powders and liquids. Housekeeping and Paper products.

Dust Control and Suppressant

Biodegradable dust suppressants

Fleet care and maintenance products

Truck and car wash. Rim and tyre care.

Building, Stone Care and Masonry

Sealer products and Cleaning products

Modular Solutions

Modularized Water Treatment Facilities

KALYU has partnered with leading water treatment companies that specialise in the manufacturing of containerised water treatment facilities. These facilities can be manufactured to be trailer mounted, inside a container, or skid mounted. They can be used as a stand-alone system or linked together to form a more complex system.